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By-the-Hour Tech, LLC is an on-site computer service and consulting firm, based out of Jacksonville, FL. We service all of the Firstcoast, as well as many other surrounding Northeast Florida and Southeast Georgia locations. We are 100% mobile, performing repairs and consultations at out client's locations. We also offer remote solutions (for repeat clients), and a "valet-style" pickup/drop-off solution for extended-time repairs. 


In addition to our business-class services, we also offer the same quality in-home service for individuals and families, and can service them wherever they live! We have performed service in all kinds of locations, including: nursing homes, extended stay lodging, sailboats, coffee shops, and more!


We offer Northeast FL and Southeast GA a premier tech service experience for business clients, by coming out and working on their computer and networking equipment on-site. This saves time and effort, and gives a very personal touch to our service! We also offer "valet-style" pickup/drop-off for technical services that exceed 1-day.


Technical Services


Software service can range from easy to complex, and we do them all! Installations, OS updates, diagnostics, malware and virus cleanups, file recovery, printer and device configurations, etc.


We perform almost any sort of hardware repair on Laptops, Desktops, and All-in-One PCs. We also perform hardware diagnostics and repairs on Apple/Mac computers!


In addition to computer support, we also offer a wide range of networking services including basic hard-wire networks, WiFi and Mesh networks, network attached storage solutions, networked printers, and more.


We have on-demand remote access support for our repeat clients! This additional service option is for ANY clients who have used us for at-least ONE previous service.

*not currently available for first-time clients



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P.O. Box 5303, Jacksonville, FL 32247  |  Tel: 904-413-1043

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